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The School Friends Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in rural and urban poverty or from the BPL (below poverty level) family through improving their education, health and family economic stability. This Foundation is managed by group of schoolmates from Rourkela passionate, enthusiastic professionals’ individuals in our 40s with a vision, personal stories, and a lot of hope for a better tomorrow. We realized that life beyond boardroom presentations, Corporate race, compensation packages etc is much more satisfying and worth trying before the curtains drop.
How it Started?
It was conceptualized in Kolkata, one raining evening driving through the streets, along with schoolmates who had gathered for a reunion, safely ensconced inside an SUV, we witnessed a remarkable and touching sight which ignited our souls with passion and zeal to give back to society and transform lives. The sight of the mother, herself drenched, shielding her young children in rags from the pouring rain with a semi torn plastic sheet while taking refuge under an overhang bamboo mat shed of a roadside “goomti” (temporary shop), spurred us into thinking – the worth of the Life we lived vs the life we could live. The blanket of motherly love overshadowing the fragility of life and protecting her loved ones even in the face of grave adversity and hardships, made us realize - that it’s either now or never… And thus was born – the idea of forming an organization consisting of friends sharing similar views about life and zeal to serve the less privileged, selflessly.

Celebrating Dussehra festival

Dussehra festival is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm every year. On 5th October, 2019 School Friends Foundation members along with the children of Open school, near JVT, Sector 56,Gurgaon also celebrated this festival . The children made a effigy of Ravana with the news

Education Project

The lessons learnt from our maiden visit strengthened our resolve in reaching out to the needy students through SCHOOL FRIENDS FOUNDATION and provided a direction and impetus to our activities.

Blanket Distribution Project

While we all enjoy the winters sitting at home near room heaters or campfire and use blankets and quilt! but many of the children around us are not privileged to even get the proper clothing to protect themselves from cold breeze in these winter days.

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Behna ne Bhai ki kalaayi pe pyaar baandha he..... We have all heard and regaled in the melodious tune of this Bollywood blockbuster song.. However, SCHOOL FRIENDS FOUNDATION decided to give a whole new meaning to the indestructible bonds.

Save Environment Project

Planting trees using the Plantable pencil, pen and stationeries and drawing on posters is good. Helping children understand the importance of taking care of the environment is a great way to teach them character traits like kindness.

Joy of Giving - Christmas Day and Santa

Keeping with the tradition of gifting on Christmas Day, SCHOOL FRIENDS FOUNDATION trustees along with volunteers & some good Samaritans pooled resources and organized the 'Christmas Day celebrations' in Sector 56 Gurgaon.

Cancer Awareness Camp

28th Dec 2019, Delhi woke up today to a bone-chilling weekend as the minimum temperature of the city recorded at 6 am stood at 2.4 degrees Celsius. When dense fog had enveloped the city reducing the visibility and affecting air traffic.

Installation of Happy Fridge

The happy Fridge was installed inside the JVT campus to make use of the extra unused food and to be used by the needy ones specially targeting the house maids and other support staffs working inside the campus. We aim to install many more.

Supporting the migrants workers during COVID19

When the world is suffering due to pandemic, today May 28th known as the #WorldNutritionDay to support this day the volunteers from School Friends Foundation in association with Gurgaon Civil Defence team, members of Hemkunt Foundation

Cancer Day

4th feb known as world cancer day, today School Friends Foundation donates two wheel chairs at Sparsh Hospital at Bhubaneswar deticated in the memonry of Smt Radhika Bennur. Thank you SFF team specially Ravi for this kind geature.

Wheel Chair Distribution

School Friends foundation , in line with its motto - "Celebrate the Joy of Giving with a smile ", joined hands the Management team of "Jagruty" a special education centre for mentally, physically & hearing impaired children, in reaching out to children

International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2020 School Friends Foundation Supports #EachforEqual and feel proud for having women active members. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call of action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure

Engaging the Children, Enhancing their Creativity

School friends Foundation in association with the Civil Defence volunteers (Zone 3, Gurgaon) have came together with an aim to engage the under privileged children of the Tigra Village, sector 57

Gifting Carpets & Balls for the little kids

Learning is a Right for every child born...In our rapidly blooming society, education is best imparted to most of the individuals, but still we have sections who are little less privileged and these are places identified by School Friends Foundation to extend

Books & Clothes Distribution

The Principal of Chinmaya Vidyalayam, Delhi generously donated old story books and cloths to School Friends Foundation. These books and cloths along with some refreshments were further distributed to “The Earth Saviours Foundation”, an internationally recoganized NGO

Areas to work on

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Health and Nutrition
Skill Development


Everyone at the School Friends Foundation shares a relentless passion for transforming the lives of children living in rural or urban poverty. However, our people are not defined by passion alone. Our hands-on approach, close relationships with partner organizations is what truly sets us apart and allows us to ignite long-lasting change that benefits children, families, communities and the world. Our team is driven by both passion and pragmatism. In every case, children come first. Our success is defined and measured by their ability to access better health, better education and opportunities necessary to help them thrive as adults. Following members are presently proposed to be on the board of Trustees of School Friends Foundation

Manas R Pattnaik
Rashmi Ranjan Mahapatra
General Secretary
Subrata Biswas

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